150+ inspiring sessions designed
to change the way you do ministry.

With dozens of sessions and major keynotes - there are so many ways to engage with the innovations in ministry. Hear from ministry pioneers who are driving their churches forward and get real insights for how you can drive yours. Start planning your sessions today.

We are offering several beginner and intermediate level software training sessions prior to the Ideas to Impact Conference (not included with your conference registration). Registration for the Power Academy sessions is required and an additional fee may apply. Check out the Power Academy sessions. These sessions are great for new staff members or as a refresher for existing staff.

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Realm Basic
  • Realm First Look
  • Launching Realm Connect
  • Realm Administration
  • Realm People Management
  • Keys to Success for Realm Connect
  • Realm Managing Groups
  • Realm Invitation Models
  • Realm Product Roadmap
  • Realm Promotions
  • Realm Attendance
Realm Advanced
  • Realm Dashboards
  • Reporting Solutions: What you Should Know?
  • Realm Pathways
  • We Are Engaged: Engaging Group Leaders in Realm
  • Realm Event Registration
  • Events in Realm: Best Practices
  • When to Group? When to Pathway?
  • Relaunch Strategies for Realm
  • Realm Group Leader Engagement
  • Realm Ministry Areas
Realm Accounting
  • Setting Up Realm Accounting
  • Realm Accounting: Your Chart of Accounts
  • Using Realm Accounting: General Ledger
  • Using Realm Accounting: Accounts Payable
  • Realm Payroll
Data & Analytics
  • What is Your Realm Data Telling You?
  • Data - what to measure, how to use it
  • Background Checks: Policies, Procedures, and Integration
  • Access ACS: Ministry Administration
  • Pro Tips: Searches and Filters
  • Graphs, Charts, and More in ACS People
  • Access ACS: Your Member Portal
  • Events that work for your church: Facility Scheduler and Access ACS
  • Custom Report Solutions
  • Advanced Database Maintenance in Preparation for Conversion to Realm
  • Access ACS: Let Your Events Work For You
  • Effective Use of Groups: Small Groups, Class, and Activities
  • Giving: Advanced Contributor Statements and Reports
  • Access ACS: Group Leader Tools
  • Giving via Abundant App
  • PDS Version 10: What’s New
  • PDS Sacramental Management
  • PDS Church and Formation Office: Creating Financial Reports
  • PDS Tips and Tricks
  • PDS Church and Formation Office: Master Contributions and Pledging
  • PDS Customizing Reports and Intermediate Additional Selections
  • PDS Creating Advanced Reports
  • PDS Church and Formation Office: Online Giving & Abundant
  • PDS Scheduling: Ministry and Facility Scheduling
  • Catholic Market and the Future: What’s Next for PDS and Realm
  • PDS Online Forms and Registrations
Volunteer Management
  • Leading Volunteers
  • Reaching Millennials
  • Developing Volunteer Media Teams
  • Realm Volunteer Management Skills and Interest
  • Realm Volunteer Management Rolls, Teams and Scheduling
  • Senior Leadership
  • Leadership best Practices
  • Realm Shepherd
  • Healthy Church Growth
  • Staff management/Team Culture
  • Strategic Planning
  • Change Management
  • Creating a Ministry Dashbaord
  • Communication Best Practices in the Church Today; Discovering Your Voice, Developing Your Style
  • Clarifying your Message: How to Tell Your Church's Story
  • Online Church
  • Helping Your Pastor Engage Media and Communications
  • How Your Church Can Use Social Media for Outreach
  • Growing Giving
  • eGiving & Recurring Gifts
  • Realm Giving and Pledges
  • Moving to eGiving with Realm
  • Realm eGiving for Advanced Users
  • eGiving Communication Strategies
  • Realm Office
  • Realm Network