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Power Academy

We are offering several beginner and intermediate level software training sessions prior to the Ideas to Impact Conference (not included with your conference registration). Registration for the Power Academy sessions is required and an additional fee may apply. Check out the Power Academy sessions. These sessions are great for new staff members or as a refresher for existing staff.

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Our 2020 sessions list will be available soon.

In the meantime, check out some of our top classes from our 2019 conference in Washington, DC.


Ministry Impact

IT Roundtable
Participate in discussions about how to maintain a network, improve network performance, and tighten network security for all your ACS Technologies applications.
The Best VBS Ever!
Hear from a panel of clients with large successful VBS programs.
Excel: Beyond the Basics
Learn how to better use Excel and make your work easier. This session will cover a number of Excel functions and useful tips to make your work easier and more efficient. Topics include the spreadsheet setup, the fill handle, data filtering and more.
Understanding Church Contributions
This session will help the church figure out how to handle their contributions, both designated and regular giving, by providing a “Sample Contribution Policy.” This sample policy explains what transactions are truly charitable because many churches are unintentionally entering non-charitable payments as charitable giving. We'll also talk about handling non-cash gifts.
Make Your Website and Social Media Amazing!
Create a welcoming experience on your website and social media. What is it like for someone who knows nothing about your church to read your social media posts or go to your website in search of a church to attend? If your church has a live stream service, does your live stream page give viewers the impression that they are part of the service and an understanding of what it might be like to visit your church in person? Find out ways to make your website reflect your church’s amazing culture and learn how to write social media posts that get attention.
Intentional Assimilation
Assimilation is the process of bringing people into the life of a group, moving them from visitors to responsible church members. This journey begins with the very first visit; but, we cannot simply invite people to church and pray for the best. An intentional assimilation process is vital in making disciples who make a difference.
Background Check Best Practices
With the increased risks and responsibilities in today's world, it has become even more critical to make sure you have a process in place for screening your volunteers and employees. But background checks and the various different types of screenings can be so confusing! Come join us to find out some best practices for running background checks on your volunteers and employees.
Avoiding Data Theft & Identity Fraud
Every year more people have money stolen or - much worse - have their identity stolen. The most vulnerable, surprisingly, are those whose age is 20 - 59! In 2016 the FBI received nearly 300,000 complaints of cybercrime! The total loss in the U.S. was more than 1.3 billion dollars! In this session, you will learn: what some of the most common fraud tactics are, what the latest trends indicate and how to protect yourself, your family, your church and your congregation.
Developing Healthy Systems for Growth
In this session, the participants will share best practices for developing healthy systems for sustained growth. Participants will discuss 8 Healthy Systems ( and how Realm can be used to manage those systems. The 8 Systems: Weekend Service, Evangelism, Assimilation, Groups, Ministry, Stewardship, Leadership, and Strategic.
How to Write to Effectively Communicate
Most people can "write" but do these written words accurately communicate what the writer is trying to say? Is the writer using the best style to communicate an event, invite people to church, create a social media post, an advertisement or a press release? In this hands-on class, we will take a look at all these writing styles and more. We will also practice writing together and make a sample style booklet to take home and use for future reference. You will leave this class with a better idea of how to write what you want to say.
Best Defense for Phishing
The majority of organization data breaches happen when staff fall victim to phishing emails. Learn what steps you can take to reduce the likelihood of becoming the next victim, and what measures to put in place now to lessen the impact if it does happen.
Managing Change in Your Church
Present successful principles in how to navigate through changes.
Essentials of IT Security
It's easy for a church to have a data breach and end up in the news! What should leadership know to prepare? We'll talk through common vulnerabilities and how to strategically minimize them. We'll cover firewalls, WiFi, passwords and passphrases, email vulnerabilities, Macs, mobile devices, training your team and malware.
Reporting in Microsoft Excel Shouldn’t Be Ugly!
Creating reports in MS Excel can be quick and easy but that also can mean plain and boring! We will explore ways to enhance the look of reports to make them informative but also nicer looking. We will review reporting options, chart styles, and some of the ways to enhance your reports. Whether it is a Pie Chart, Bar Chart, Line Chart of something different, reports don’t have to be ugly! Whether you are a pro at Excel or a new user this will walk through the steps to enhance your reports.
The Bible on Money: How Lives Change
Avoid making people feel like human ATM machines by learning what the Bible actually says about money and how to teach this sensitive topic in the church. Money is a mystery topic in the church yet we need resources to operate the church and Jesus said so much about money in scriptures. Join us as we unpack this topic in a fun, fast pace way that will demystify the Bible on money.
Building Community Through Small Groups
The church has a responsibility to build community among its members. Small groups are one of the many ways that this connection is formed organically. Join us for strategies for small group creation, launch, and evaluation for your ministry.
Information Security for Everyone
Your organization's information is increasingly at risk. This session will provide an understanding of the tactics and tools used by hackers and basic defenses you can employ to reduce your risk.

ACST Software Training (Realm, ACS, PDS)

Financials 101: General Ledger Usage (ACS)
Learn how to enter and post transactions, how to run inquiries and reports. Take advantage of how to organize to "one touch accounting" so that the ACS financial software does the work, not you. This includes greatest uses of inquiries and month end reporting. Best of all - learn proven "Tips and Tricks" of the ACS Financial Suite.
Setting Up Realm Accounting (Realm)
Getting Realm Accounting ready is vital to healthy bookkeeping. Join us for a walk through of getting Realm Accounting ready to work for you. Funds, accounts, and budgets...oh my!
Standard Reports and Styles Beginning Additional Selections (PDS)
Gain a basic understanding of how the report wizard works and learn how to run lists, letters, labels, etc.
Events in Realm (Realm)
Events are the lifeblood of any church. Learn how small group and registration events each have their own purpose and how you can effectively use them to help grow your ministries.
How to Care for Your Congregation with Realm (Realm)
See the big picture of individuals and families in your church to be able to better care for them. Care for those new to the church, those in the midst of a life-altering event, or those headed out the back door, all using Realm as your tool.
We’re Engaged! Engaging Group Leaders in Realm (Realm)
Engaging Group Leaders is a constant cycle. What works? What doesn't work?
PDS Facility Scheduler: Scheduling Like a Pro (PDS)
See how to use PDS Facility Scheduler to efficiently handle your organization and facility needs.
Access ACS: Let Your Events Work For You (ACS)
Many times events with registration online are the only impression someone has of your church. In this class we will look at how to build an event that will not only take the guesswork out of who will be attending but how to pull reports that will allow you to follow-up, follow through and bring followers.
The Path to Pathways (Realm)
Realm creates opportunities for real ministry, and one of its greatest gifts to church administration is Pathways. Pathways are indispensable in tracking internal processes and external growth. Wondering where to start? There are key stepping stones on the path to successful pathways.